Available Shifts




                                         Available Shifts at Northeast Clinical Services




5 y/o female , Trisomy 18, O2, G/J tube, CPAP.

Available: Tuesday 10p-6a and other backup weekend and overnight shifts


ANDOVER (DR) Janelle

25 yr old male with Congenital Diplegia, Cortical blindness, Gtube

AVAILABLE:Wednesday/Thursday 3:30pm-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am (or 12pm start time) to 4pm or 6pm



10-year-old girl with central line, TPN, ileostomy, straight cath and Gtube

Avail: daytime shifts; per diem/backup nurses needed



6 y/o female  with Pierre Robin syndrome,  GTUBE, Good respiratory skills

Avail: Flexible weekdays 2:30p-830p , Saturdays (6hrs) flexible       


BILLERICA (SH)Janelle (in hospital currently)

2 yr old girl with epilepsy, G/J tube, TPN (may be discontinued pending latest hospitalization)

Avail: Flexible day and evening hours Tuesday thru Sunday



13 yr old girl with seizure disorder, metabolism disorder, CF, Developmentally delayed

Avail: Every other Saturday(second/fourth) 8am-5pm ,Every other Sunday(first/3rd) 8am-5pm,



1y/o girl,  Gastroschisis, g-tube

Avail: mon, tues, weds, Thursday 7a-3p starting 8/31


BOSTON- (EH)- Francine

88 y/o female, Parkinson disease, Mild Dementia, Dystonia

Avail: Monday,Thusday & Friday 8:00a- 6:00p


BOSTON- (CL)- Francine

3 y/o female, Global Developmental Delay, Nypotonia, Aspiration Potential, Anemia, Hearing Loss, g-tube, straight cath

Avail: Tuesday & Friday 10a-6p


BROCKTON –(JS) Francine

70 y/o female, MS, g-tube but takes meds and food PO, trach, vented at night

Avail: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9p-8a



4 year old male w G/J tube, chromosome abnormality, global developmental delay

sleep apnea, epilepsy, and O2.

Available Immediately: Sun 8a-6p

Mondays & Tuesdays 3p-7p (as well as Sun 8a-6p)




14 y/o male with Charge syndrome, developmental delays, NPO-gtube only, cardiac disease, FTT, feeding intolerance, immune def (IM IGG/1x wk SQ)

Avail: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8a-5p Sunday (flexible hours)


BRAINTREE- (SA)- Francine

6 y/o Male, Brain Injury Convulsions, Aspiration Risk, Vented at Night, Trach, Gtube

Avail: Saturday 10p-6a & back up shifts


CANTON- (CE)- Francine

6 y/o female, mitochondrial disorder, vent, trach, g-tube,

Avail: Tuesday 6a-12p, Friday & Saturday 10p-6a



20 yr old man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy NOS, G Tube

Avail: Back up nurse needed Monday, Wednesday, Friday Overnights 7:30pm-5:3



2 y/o male, G-tube, Trach

Sundays 10p-7a, Tuesdays 10p-7a, Wednesdays 11p-8a



16 y/o female, Rett's syndrome,Grand mal seizures, Dysphagia, Ataxia, g-tube

Avail:Every Tuesday 7a-3p,  Friday 3:30-9:30p, backup overnights 11p-7a



7 y/o male-Lennox-gastaut Syndrome , CORL #5 Deficiency, Hypotonia, g-tube

Avail:  Every Monday, tues, weds, thurs,Friday 7a-9a, and Saturday 1p-10p and every other Sunday 1p-10p



21 y/o male, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, chronic lung disease, Gtube, Trach, Vent

Avail: Weekend Back Up shifts Saturdays 8a-5p, and every other Saturday 5p-1a, Sundays 8a-7p


EVERETT – (CF) Piepr

20 y/o male

MR, G-Tube, Trach, Vent dependent at night, Quadriplegia

Per diem/Back up needed



FOXBORO – (FC)- Francine

15 y/o female, central hypoventilations syndrome, deaf –ASL knowledge a plus

Avail: Sunday-Thursday 10:30p-6:30a and back up shifts, August 31st-3rd 10:30p-6:30a



19 y/o female, CP , blind, GERD, gtube, O2 overnight

Available: tues and thurs 4p-10p, Sunday 9a-3p



1 y/o  boy- sezures, g/j tube, trah, vent, O2

Avail: 7a-7p mon-Friday, 2-3 nights 11p-7a


HOLLISTON  (AT)  Francine

9 yo male.  CHARGE Syndrome.  Deaf.  GJTube.  O2 PRN.  CPT Vest.

Available:  Monday and Thursday, 7a-3:30p; Will go to school on the bus.


Lawrence-(SA) Janelle

2 y/o girl- chronic airway obstruction, trach,  g/j tube,O2 overnight.

Avail: Monday-Friday 6a-4p


LOWELL (JL) Janelle

67 yr old woman with ALS, trach, vent, G tube

Avail: Friday 2p-10p  Sunday 7a—11por any hrs within these hrs


LOWELL (DS) Janelle

25 y/o female with Santiago Syndrome, g-tube

Available:  Thursday 7a-4p starting 8/30


LYNN (MRC) Janelle

6 yr old girl with Global delays, G tube

Avail: Saturday 5p-10pm


MANSFIELD- (BD)- Francine

3 y/o female, Seizure Disorder, Brain Tumor, Trach, Gtube, Vent

Avail: Thursday 7a-6p


MEDFIELD- (LL)- Francine

8 month old male; Chronic Lung Disease.  GJT, O2, Nebulizer

Avail: Saturday and Sunday 8a-6p,

24th 9a-6p

September 7th & 8th, 7a-5p



19 y/o female- Unspecified cerebral degeneration in childhood,Arthropathy associated with respiratory disorders, Convulsions, Kyphoscoliosis, Pleural effusion, Dysphagia, gtube

Avail: Every Saturday & Sunday 7:30a-3:30p



28-year-old male: Congenital quadriplegia, G-tube, Trach

AVAILABILITY: per diem/back-up nurses


MEDFORD-(IM) – Piper

3 ½ y/o male

Developmentally delayed, G-tube

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2p-8p


MELROSE (SP) Janelle

13 yr old male Quadraplegic, CP, G tube

Avail: every other Saturday or sunday 8am-4pm, every Monday and Tuesday3:30p-9:30p


METHUEN (HD) Janelle

67 yr old woman with ALS, trach, Vented all times, O2 dependent, Diabetic

Avail: Tuesday, Friday 8am-4pm and/or tues, weds 3p-11p , Every other Saturday, Sunday 8am-4pm Overnight Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 11pm-7am or 8am

 After day and evening hrs are filled.



6y/o male, seizures,acute respiratory distress, trach, gtube

Avail: mon, Thursday,fri 3:30-7:30p, one weekday until 10p, every other sat or Sunday 8a-2p



31 y/o male with Brain injury, convulsions, Gerd, G-tube

Available:Tues, weds,Friday, Saturday and Sunday overnights 10p-6a


NATICK – (TF) Piper

1-year old male with Trach, G/J tube

Avail: Wednesday 9a- 1p or 10a-2p




NEWTON- ( OL ) Francine

7 y/o male, TPN, trach, vent, cancer – hospice care

Available: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun 11p-7a


NEWTON (CM)-Francine

14y/o female, Hypoxic/ischemic encephalopathy, GERD, Legally Blind, Seizures, Quadriplegia, Cough/Assist Device, gtube

Avail: Sunday 12p-5p


NEWTON (MB)-Francine

19 y/o twins, female and male CP, Seizure Disorder, Gtube, Trach and 02

**multi rate case**

Avail: Weekend back up shifts 3pm-9pm


NEWTON (LG) – Francine

2 y/o nebulizer treatments

Avail: Mon & Friday 8a-4p



7 yr old male with Gtube, trach, vent, Dandy Walker Syndrome, seizures

Avail:  Wednesday 3pm-11pm and Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm



4 y/o male with chronic airway obstruction, other gastrostomy, gtube, trach

Avail: Tuesdays and Fridays 8a-5p


10 y/o girl with- Autosomal deletions NEC, deaf,  G-tube, O2 at night

Available: Mondays 7a-5p to go to school


Peabody- (CF) Jane

78 y/o male, ALS, trach, gtube, vent 24/7.

Available:  Saturday and  every other Sundays 6a-4p , Friday or Saturday overnights 10p-6a


QUINCY- (MT) Francine

63 y/o female, ALS, MSSA Pneumonia, Resp. failure, Vent, G-tube, Trach, Type 2 DM, Hypothyroid, Urinary Retention

Saturday 9a-3p and 9p-9a, and back you night shifts 9p-9a, 9/19 3p-8p



READING (CC) Janelle

16 yr old girl with Epilepsy, CP, G tube

AVAILABLE: Saturdays 10am – flexible end time


READING (MG) Janelle

13 yr old girl with Retts and G/J Tube

Avail: Monday thru Friday 6am-8am, Friday 4pm-8pm,


REVERE (SH) Janelle

3 yr old boy with seizures and Gtube

Avail: Accompany boy to school 7am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursdays 7am-4pm



1yr old, Vent

Avail: Friday & Saturday 11p-7a or 10p-6a



56 y/o male- quadriplegia, diabetes, trach, vent

Avail:  Saturdays 7a-1p


ROXBURY- (YD)-Francine

3 y/o male, Lymphatic Malformation, Gtube, Trach

Avail: Back Up → Mon-Fri 8a-4p


SALEM – (LM) Jane

2 y/o male, former premie, trach, g/j tube,occasionally needs oxygen

Avail:Monday, Tuesday, Weds, Thursday,  Friday, Sunday 8:30a-5:30p



39 y/o female, CP, gtube, trach, vent

Avail: Saturday, Sunday 7a-3p



13 yr old girl with seizure disorder, CDLK 5, G tube, Epilepsy

Avail: Monday 3:30pm to 10pm, Wednesdays 1:30pm-10pm



6 y/o boy, Werdnig-hoffmann disease, g-tube, O2 at night

Available : Sunday 8p-6a, Monday 10p-5a and weds 10p-5a



1 ½ year old girl

G-tube, diabetic, seizure disorder, insipidus

OPEN: Monday thru Friday  7a-7p or 8a-8p


WESTON (ND) Francine

13y/o Female, g-tube, encephalopathy, seizures

Avail: Saturday and Sunday 10a-6p, October 2nd 2p-7p



23 y/o female, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, GT Care, Resp Assessment, range of motion, 02, and ABI Vest 

Avail: Sunday 8a-3p, Thursday and Friday 4p-10p, and Saturday 9a-7p



Medical Foster home – TPN experience preferred but not a must, Central Line Care and G/J tube

Avail: per diem multi patient rate



2 ½ y/o male

Vent, Trach, G/J Tube

Avail: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 11a-4p

Employment Opportunities at Northeast Clinical Services

Northeast Clinical Services is a Medicare/Medicaid home health care agency specializing in the provision of high quality private duty nursing care within the homes of our patients. We provide nursing to the pediatric, young adult, and adult population. We also offer various in-services throughout the year. 

If you are looking for a job that gives you flexibility, excellent pay, great benefits, the convenience you deserve, and a place that reminds you of why you became a nurse... call us!

  • Danvers Office (serving the Northshore area)

Amanda Bridge

(P) 978.646.5215 / (F) 978.560.1402 / abridge@neclinical.org

  • Dedham Office (serving Boston and the Southshore area)

Rachael Landry

(P) 781.381.5407 / (F) 781.329.0348 / rlandry@neclinical.org

Please make sure to attach a cover letter and indicate the case or cases you are trained to work with.


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Northeast Clinical Services, Inc. is a not for profit certified home health care agency established in 2003 that specializes in the provision of high quality nursing care to medically complex and fragile children and adults.

We seek RNs, LPNs and therapists who can provide exceptional care for our patients. Employment opportunities include Private Duty Nursing, Skilled Intermittent Care, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Services (LICSW).  

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